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Game News

 Hello and welcome to our website.

Durin's Folk members on the Riddermark server are compromised of new and old players from LOTRO..

If your looking for a mature and friendly kinship look no further. As members we always treat each other with respect and help one another.

Guild News

Sommerled's Back as Leader

SommerledS, Apr 30, 12 2:55 PM.
Sommerled is back as leader of Durin's Folk. Frambi is back as his heir. RedSunMoonEarth is second in line to the crown. More officers will be added as we regrow our kinship. A big welcome goes out to our new members Savin and Tyrskull. If I can help you in any way, please let me know though an in-game tell or mail.
Remember to join the alliance chat channel by typing /joinchannel northernalliance. Then type /1 to chat.

New Alliance!

SommerledS, Apr 30, 12 2:47 PM.
Durin's Folk has joined The Northern Alliance - an alliance of 4 kinships who help each other with raids, fellowships, group skirmishes, as well as crafting. We understand that real life must take precidence over game life, and that LOTRO is meant to be FUN, not stressful. There is no pressure to gain levels, though we will indeed encourage you as you do gain levels.

Durin's Folk Digest

SommerledS, Oct 27, 10 4:29 PM.
There is so much happening in our kinship! I, Lord Sommerled, finally reached level 40. I'm working on finding book pages for my class quest. Curacil reached level 20 and can now do skirmishes. Way to go! Oluvar and Odvar have managed to get all available items at the harvest festival! If you get lost in the haunted burrow, he's the one to rescue you, if he's on. Thanks to him, I found my way around for the first couple times, until I was able to figure it out for myself. He also mastered the horse race, winning 3 mounts that I am aware of. Way to go! Toshiro is another mount winner, as is Kelmal. Good job!

If you have more news for the newsletter, please send me a shout. News will be posted every wednesday, unless there is something that is urgent. In that case, it will be posted immediately. If anyone needs a fellowship to do a group quest, please also post it here, and we'll get a group together for it.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

mospedo, Oct 26, 10 5:45 PM.
Durin's Folk is currently recruting. You can request for an invite by asking any of our members on the Riddermark server.
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